Linegenix presents its latest application to avoid queuing in a supermarket or any other place that requires to line up if you want to be served.

How does it work?

You just have to scan a QR code at the front door of any grocery shop or supermarket for instance, you can also copy a link displayed right next to the QR code if you do not have a QR code reader application. Then, it redirects you to a page where you just have to click on the "want a turn" button and you´re done!

You will be able to know the number of people before and the estimated time for your turn.

From the business side (grocery store, supermarket, etc.), the security guy or the person at the entrance will have access to the mobile application and could determine or define the number of people that could get in at once by simply specifying it in the appropriate field. 



Benefits of implementing the application?


- Avoid contact and conflicts between people specially in situations such as emergencies, health issues, etc.

- Avoid waiting in line or queuing and wasting time to get in when you can be doing something different in the meanwhile.


- From a business perspective, it brings organization, security and comfort for your clients, which implies more sales.

- In emergency situations, it's definitely a great solution to reduce risks and improve people's quality of life.