Minegenix is an analytics software platform that allows you to control your drilling activities by analyzing your operations and getting the most valuable data out of lots of irrelevant information. It optimizes your internal processes transforming your data into important information, so our clients could make faster and smart decisions that impact positively their processes and therefore their business.

Minegenix provides you with a stunning dashboard that helps you measure relevant parameters such as the average meters drilled per day or per hour using a specific type of machine, bentonites per meter to evaluate and compare performances between drillers, and more.

Our solution is a cloud platform that captures automatically data from machines and is capable to process and transform it into real information through IoT. The platform allows you to generate historical advanced reports, predictive analysis and could also integrate to an ERP or 3rd party application.

You can access the platform from any smartphone or tablet device, visualizing thanks to its unique dashboard, the appropriate information adapted to your specific needs.