Asset Tracking


Tracking, fleet management and route optimization. Locate and control your vehicles anywhere and anytime as well as your costs!

Our software platform enables you to track all your vehicles and manage your fleet using cutting edge technology. You could also track your expenses per vehicle and therefore make fast and efficient decisions in regard to drivers behavior, fuel consumption and many other factors. Trackgenix routing solutions are stunning and provide great route optimization according to a variety of criterias such as the number of stops, tasks priorities, type of vehicle, delivery timeline and more. It optimizes your internal logistics and supply chain, making you gain time and save money!



A drilling software optimization solution that controls your costs and productivity!

Our solution is based on an analytics software platform that enables you to enhance your drilling processes, taking advantage of your relevant data in order for your teams to make fast and efficient decisions. Having said that, you will have full control of your drilling process, making your company save power, money and gain efficiency.



Optimize physical waiting lines

This platform allows businesses to organize their waiting lines. Scan the QR code at the front door and you´re good to go!!
The application will assign you a number equivalent to a turn and will also inform you in real time of the number of people before you. Thus, you will offer quality of service and comfort to your clients!

IT services on-demand

On-call CIO

On-demand IT services and solutions

Thanks to our extensive network of partners all around the world, we are able to bring best practice IT solutions for all types of strategy and management issues.

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