Trackgenix solutions offer a wide range of features in regard to vehicle tracking, fleet management and route optimization. We help you take control of your monthly costs, save money, gain time and become more efficient in your daily tasks.

Seeing the exact location of your fleet vehicles and information about their current route and speed will help to make better business operations decisions, quicker than before. Stay in control of your fleet and ongoing events with Trackgenix GPS tracking solution and tracking devices. We are compliant with a wide variety of GPS trackers! 

Real-time GPS tracking and vehicle data monitoring can greatly improve your business efficiency. Nowadays, fleet gps tracking software and vehicle tracking has become an essential part of any businesses with its own fleet.

One of the best ways how to decrease costs of fleet management is by keeping a close eye on the fuel consumption. Our solution will help you to monitor fuel control and find any inefficiencies by delivering precise information about fuel level and consumption in real-time and detailed reports.

The system will also provide you with the best and shortest routes to get from one point to another or attend your customers sites based upon many criterias such as the type of vehicle, number of stops, delivery timeline, traffic jam, and more.

Trackgenix provides a full service solution which includes everything. Starting from hardware, installation of devices, maintenance all the way to software setup and full customer support!

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